Millcore Systems is a full-service information technology service partner located in Columbia, South Carolina. We service small – to – medium sized businesses in the greater Columbia area with world-class information technology systems.

We want to learn your business, know you and your staff personally, provide best solutions to optimize and grow your business. The better we know you and your business, the better we can tailor our solutions to your needs to achieve maximum impact.

We offer a variety of services such as – On-site Support and Managed IT Services – to provide you with customized solutions that truly work.

Let us focus on your IT so you and your staff can completely focus on what’s actually important—your business.

About Millcore Computing President, Chris Ruffin

Chris Ruffin, PE is the president of Millcore Systems. During his career at Motorola and Intel Corporation, he gained over 18 years of experience building the technology that businesses, like yours, depend on every day. As president, he enjoys using his extensive knowledge of technology to protect businesses from cybercrime and gain a competitive advantage by delivering a seamless information technology experience. Chris is a graduate of Mississippi State University and a licensed professional electrical engineer in the state of South Carolina. He lives in Chapin with his wife, Candace and their two children.

Key Partnerships

We couldn’t do our job without our key partners! These companies provide resources that allow us to do our job well and provide solutions for our customers. Thank you!

Hewlett Packard

Let us focus on your IT so you and your staff can completely focus on:
Operating Systems Securely
Trusted Professional Service
Save Workplace Time

We strive to learn your business to prevent unnecessary stress, personally know you and your staff, and proactively think about how we can best help you run and grow your business. Leave the worry to us and let a professional manage your IT equipment so you can continue to do your job well.

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Network Assessment
Implement Get Well Plan
Systems Management, Monitoring, and Support

Chris is a genius! I scheduled a consultation with him to analyze my current IT set up and he offered solutions that have increased my connections and therefore increased my productivity. I would highly recommend using his services and allowing him the opportunity to educate you on the proper equipment and set up tailored to your specific needs.

Jennifer F.

Chris is an awesome guy and really knows his stuff. If you need anything done with computers, servers or office networking. He’s your guy!

Matt B.

Excellent at customer satisfaction and quality. Very knowledgeable and responsive! Definitely recommend!

Khurram H.

This is an amazing company for professional IT.

Nathaniel S.

A HUGE thank you to Chris Ruffin at Millcore Computing for fixing an issue we were having with our quickbooks not sending forms. It wasn't the program itself, so Chris did his magic behind the scenes and BAM- it's working now! If you're having any IT issues, contact Chris!!!

Kathy F.

Chris is an excellent local business owner. He is great at breaking down complicated systems and computer lingo for the everyday person. Millcore Computing is perfect for the small business and for your family.

Fit Columbia

Several of my friends have used Millcore Computing and have had great results. I saw where they've won multiple IT awards, including Best of the State in 2019 and 2020 so I contacted Chris to set up an appointment for service. Their new location is convenient and professional. Chris is great to deal with and really knows his stuff. He was able to take care of my computer issue quickly and less expensively than one of the local competitors. I highly recommend Chris and Millcore Computing for all of your IT services.

Michael Y.

Chris Ruffin with Millcore Computing is fantastic to work with. My husband Jeff Gray owns a small local business called The Painter Guys. I took over his computer to help him get organized with labor, scheduling and finances. Chris set up the computer with everything we need to have a well managed PC. He is always available when we need help and quickly resolves the problem. He has also taken an old computer of mine and somehow managed to retrieve files on there that i could not do on my own. Millcore computing and Chris Ruffin are the way to go for all your IT and computer consulting needs.

Meg L.

Chris is so wonderful to deal with and so knowledgeable. Everything computer is over my pay grade! He even got me straight over the phone! It was actually a simple fix, but had I not talked with him I would never have been able to get what I needed done and I was in a time crunch. This company is one I will be using for a long time and I recommend if you are reading this that you use them also.

Martha M.