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What are Managed Services?


Managed Services

What are Managed Services?

As you research and investigate IT services and support for your business, you might see the term "managed services".  But just what exactly is that?  On the highest level, Managed Services is an arrangement for the information technology assets of a business - e.g. computers, networks, printers, point-of-sale systems, websites, databases - to be managed by a third party vendor, called a managed service provider (MSP).  Millcore Computing is a managed service provider serving the Columbia, SC area and the midlands.  We have three different plans that fit the needs of any small business.  Here are three great reasons to consider a managed service plan from Millcore Computing.

1) An IT Department for Your Small Business

It is too risky and inefficient to leave your network unmanaged, but full time IT help doesn’t make sense for most small businesses.  Managed IT is the best balance to have your network professionally managed at a fraction of the cost of dedicated IT staff.

2) Proactive, not Reactive Support

With managed IT, proactive steps are taken to make sure that your systems are running efficiently, that your backups are reliable, and that your network is secure.  Your network and systems are continuously monitored, and quick action is taken to mitigate threats, outages, and incidents.  Potential issues are identified early through monitoring, alerts, and maintenance, before they become a problem.

3) The Right Partnership

Managed IT brings out the best in both sides of the partnership.  Your incentive is to work on your business and let Millcore handle your technology.  Millcore’s incentive is 100% fully functional uptime.  Everybody wins.

How Millcore Computing Can Help

Millcore Computing is here to help you focus on your business, minimize downtime, and protect and safeguard your data and networks.  We are your IT support and managed services partner.  Call us today to find out how we can help you by delivering managed services for your business.

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